At Crofton House, we are proud to offer Eco friendly toiletries and an increasing number of local produce. 

Prentice Butchers - John Winsor and his team are the meat suppliers for Crofton House which includes their bacon, hand crafted sausages and beefburgers. Guests often ask where our products are from and call in on their way home to take home their own true taste of Devon.

Bays Brewery - Is a multiple award-winning family run local business based in Torbay on the Devon coast

Their passion is to brew premium ales using the finest local ingredients whilst also supporting the community and protecting the environment; firmly establishing them as one of the region’s top breweries.

Luscombe of Devon.

Luscombe  source exceptional organic fruit from around the world and produce drinks locally in Luscombe Devon. Their award-winning drinks are made without compromise.

Bespoke recipes are said to be created using only premium organic ingredients, no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates. Sourced directly from trusted growers, selecting ingredients according to the countries and climates where they thrive to ensure truly sumptuous taste profiles. Ensuring only the best goes into the bottles, every time.

Luscombe, making beautiful drinks since 1997.

Eggs from Fenton Farm by Andrew Gabriel & Family

The Fenton's farm is in Holcombe Rogus on the Devon and Somerset border. They farm 155 acres and are the 3rd generation of their family on their farm.

They grow cereals for grain and straw some of which is used for the hens. They have some beautiful permanent pasture in a steep sided valley, which has not been sprayed in living memory and is lightly grazed by cattle to encourage wild flowers.

Fenton Farm Eggs are laid by hens in traditional free range flocks where they have access throughout the day to green pasture where they roam freely and are fed specially formulated feed to enhance yolk colour. Fenton Farm Eggs are laid by different breeds of hens including Fenton Blues which are bred from Cream Legbars and Araucanas and lay beautiful green/blue eggs, White Leghorns, a more flighty bird that originates from the Leghorn region of Italy and lays pure white eggs and a Rhode Island Red Cross which lay traditional brown eggs.

The excellent and natural conditions in which the hens are kept in results in exceptional quality eggs with strong shells, bright yolks and superior flavour.


Thick cut British Potato chips hand-cooked in Devon, with real taste, proper crunch, and made by real people.

Locally source the best Red Tractor Assured potatoes, slice and cook them in small batches, and season with the best flavours around, often sourced from local South West partners

Fish4All - Fishmongers of Torquay

Jason and his team, supply most of our fish, which they source from Brixham market daily. They are so local guests can just pop around the corner and choose their own to take home!

As stated by Eco Essentials.....

The Eco Essentials range of guest amenities has been designed for the environmentally conscious hotelier, addressing the problematic issue of plastic waste, the demand for natural ingredients and gentle skin-friendly products delivering a truly luxurious experience for the guests.

Eco Essentials is an ideal way to signal your commitment in protecting the environment as an eco-friendly organisation . Our tubes are manufactured from the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastics derived from post-consumer recycled plastic while our packaging is manufactured of recycled material and finally the product itself is a created with naturally gentle formulations and softly fragranced with green and white tea and floral notes.