Crofton House – Breakfast Bites

Be ‘Covid-19 Secure’

Good morning. We trust you slept well.

Sorry, due to Covid-19 we have had to remove the Breakfast bar; such items are now offered from the menu.

Food allergies & intolerances: When placing your order, please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal. Thank you.

Drink choice: A pot of Tea or Coffee – A glass of Apple or Orange Juice

Cereals: Cornflakes – Crunchy Nut – Fruit’ N Fibre – Berries & Cherries Muesli

Flavoured Yogurt: Please ask for flavours available

Greek yogurt: Mixed berry topped Greek yogurt pots

Fruit salad: Freshly made serving of chilled mixed fruit.

We offer a variety of breakfast items, many locally sourced, which are cooked to order. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes for cooked breakfasts.

Just toasted: Croissant or toast (brown or white) - with butter - jam or marmalade.  


 A little something on toast: Plain or buttered brown or white toast topped with baked beans or bacon or tomatoes (tinned or grilled) or egg (fried, scrambled or poached).


A classic sandwich: Brown or white bread with a filling of Bacon or fried egg or pork sausage or vegetarian sausage.


The Crofton Continental: A platter of cold meats - cheeses - fresh tomato – olives - olive oil & balsamic vinegar – Croissant – butter- jam or marmalade.


The full Crofton: For those guests who are really hungry!

An egg (fried, scrambled, boiled or poached) - a rasher of bacon - a pork or vegetarian sausage -tomatoes (grilled or tinned) - baked beans - mushrooms - toast (brown or white) - butter. 

Enjoy your breakfast and have an enjoyable day. If you are leaving us today, have a pleasant onward journey.

Crofton House – Light Bites


Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order

Available from 11.30 am to 8 pm with last orders taken at 7.30pm

All prices include 20% VAT


We offer ‘made to order’ sandwiches, please select brown or white bread and filling of your choice:


A choice of: Ham-Sausage (gluten free) - Bacon-Salami - Vegetarian sausage: £4.00

A choice of: Cheddar Cheese - Brie & grape: £3.50

Egg mayonnaise: £3.00

Complimentary additions in your sandwich: Lettuce – Tomato – Red Onion – Cucumber

Other light bites are:

-          Chip Basket: £2.50

-          Basket of Potato Wedges: £2.50

-          Mixed salad Bowl: £3.00

-          Mixed salad with chicken: £8.00

-          Mixed salad with cheese: £6.00

-          Greek Salad: £6.50

-          Olives: £2.00

-          Garlic Bread: £3.00

-          Cheese plater: £5.00

-          Cold meat platter:  £6.00

-          Cold meat & cheese platter: £8.00

Not So Light Bite:  ‘Butcher made’ beef Burger in a burger bun & a light salad garnish £10.00

Sweet Bites:

-          A choice of deserts – please ask for options £5.00

-          Fresh Fruit Platter: £5.00

-          Vanilla ice cream: £3.00

Tea: single pot £2.00 Double pot £3.00   Coffee: small cafetiere £3.00 large cafetiere £6.00

A selection of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are available from the drinks menu.

Crofton House Hotel – Extra bite menu…


Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when you order. Thank you

An alternative to the light bite menu

Served between 11.30am & 8pm with last orders taken at 7.30pm

All prices include 20% VAT

 Main course - £15.00

 Two courses – Starter & Main or Main & Desert - £19.00

 Three courses – starter – main – desert - £23.00


Tomato soup – Garlic bread - Garlic mushrooms- Bruschetta (Tomato and mozzarella on garlic toast)


Fish of the day: Please ask staff for details

Battered Cod: With a chip basket and garden peas

Chicken Tikka Masala: With rice & naan bread

Sweet Potato Curry (suitable for Vegans): cooked with spinach & red peppers, served with rice & naan bread

Beef lasagne: With side salad and garlic bread

Roasted vegetable pasta: (suitable for vegans) Served with salad

Lamb Shanks: Served in a minted gravy with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Spanish chicken: cooked with tomatoes – chorizo – mixed peppers and olives, served with rice

Cottage pie: (beef) - served with seasonal vegetables

Butcher’s beef Burger: in a burger bun – served with a chip basket and light salad garnish

Sirloin steak (8oz pre-cooked): peppercorn or Dian Sause. Served with mushrooms, peas, tomato & chips


Servedwith side salad & garlic bread - Spicy pepperoni

Mediterranean vegetable (suitable for Vegans)


Please ask staff for details

Served with cream or vanilla ice cream

Fruit platter - vanilla Ice Cream - Cheese and biscuits

We also serve a ‘Sunday Lunch’ please ask for details