Crofton House Green credentials!

Doing our bit for our planet… and encouraging guests to assist where possible.

This is not an exhaustive list and not in any order of priority… Here is how we do most of it so far...

Food:  Much of our food produce is locally sourced, including fish, meat and eggs.

Breakfast is ‘cooked to order’ making food wastes minimal; with our chilled juices are poured to order and not left out only to be wasted at the end of breakfast service. Likewise with our warmed croissants and toast. Our ‘light bite’ & ‘extra bite’ menus’ are also prepared to order further reducing any waste.

We use traditional sauce bottles which prevent waste of sachets and our jams and marmalades are served on request in small dishes.

Rooms & Suites:   The bottled water in all rooms is chilled tap water changed daily and replenished sooner at guest request. Not having the need for bottled mineral waters.

We use plastic bins in our rooms and suites not plastic bin liners, further protecting our seas and environment in general.

Crofton House does not offer guests air-conditioning in any of our rooms or suites, though do provide fans, easing the high energy demand of air-conditioning.

Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and only drop them in the shower tray for changing when dirty.

Crofton House in general:   All our waste is taken by a company which provides a “zero to landfill” service.

We use LED lighting through the hotel with most of our hallway and stair lighting being on sensors and our sauna, steam and hot tub are ‘on demand’ services so not left running when not in use; so not wasting unnecessary power and heating.

Although we use small packaged in room toiletries they are eco-friendly, including the packaging! Please refer to ‘suppliers’ listing for further information on this.

We do not use disposable plastics, including drinking straws and cups.

Paper at Crofton House is recycled, including envelopes, out of date brochures and leaflets, and even our empty toilet roles. Our egg trays are returned to the supplier too!

Furniture items and bed linen are donated to charities and not binned.

We do not produce a hotel brochure, rather referring guests directly to our website. We e-mail guests their conformation, along with any additional information they may request or be interested in.

Crofton house is double glazed and insulated. We have a multi burner in our hotel lounge which burns waste wood and other materials. The flooring of our terrace is made of reconstituted rubber tiles which also act as a great insulator for the indoor pool.

The hot water is on a ‘loop’ system to ensure hot water come through quickly, and our toilets are all duel flush! Preventing water wastage

All bed linen, including towels are laundered ‘in house’ saving on transportation carbon footprints.

Guests are encouraged to have conformations and invoices e-mailed rather than printed.

Plant pots are watered from water butts which collect rain water from the hotel roof.

Crofton House staff are provided with the use of pushbikes to get around rather than using their cars, further easing the carbon footprint of Crofton House and promoting staff ‘well-being’.