Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) Working to Keep You – Other guests - Our Staff – Our Hotel- Safe

At Crofton House Hotel we are proud to have been rated on 'TripAdvisor' as 'one of the top 10% of hotels worldwide' for the second year running.

By working together, we trust this information provides all our guests with the reassurance of a safer stay and being “COVID-19 SECURE”.  We update this” COVID-19 SECURE” statement as and when updates are announced by government and the hospitality industry. We strongly advise guests to regularly check our “COVID-19 SECURE” statement on the Crofton House Hotel website as changes may be made at any time and without notice.  

If you are not able to comply with the following requirements, please move your booking to a later date where possible, or cancel. 

All staff and guests are to adopt the following:

Please read the following information in full. Our most recent update was on 7th September 2021 @ 16.30hrs.

The UK Government has announced a relaxing of law around Covid-19 on the 19th July 2021. However, the following information explains how Crofton House Hotel is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Restrictions on travel and social distancing imposed by all governments are to be observed.

If you arrive from a known restricted area, you will be denied check-in and advised to return home. Your booking will be charged in full. 

All guests are to continue the use of 'face coverings' when entering the hotel and within all the hotel public areas. Hand sanitiser is to be used when entering the hotel from the main entrance, from the terrace and when entering the dining room.

Face coverings can be removed when served with food or beverage.

Face coverings do not need to be worn if acceptable proof of exemption can be shown. For any further information please call Crofton House Hotel on 01803 213121.

Checking in at Crofton House Hotel is an automatic acceptance of all this, and any emended “ COVID-19 secure” statement, including any amendments which may be made at any time and without notice. 

In short:... Guests are to keep within their checked in group (their bubble) and not to share tables, seating, indoor leisure facilities and the Hot-Tub with guests outside of their group.

We have reduced the number of rooms and suites available. Check-in and check-out is staggered. All meals, including breakfast are also staggered with pre-booked times made at check-in.

PPE is used by staff where necessary and guests are requested to use PPE such as hand sanitiser and face coverings. 

All indoor leisure facilities and the Hot-Tub, which may be open, requires booking for your 'checked in group' in advance of use.

In a bit more detail:...

This is not an exhaustive list and is not in any particular order of priority...

Prior to arrival: Please ensure all governments travel restrictions are kept to. Any guest feeling ill or having symptoms before arriving at Crofton House Hotel will need to postpone their booking for a later date or cancel.

Payments: All bookings are flexible with free cancellation up to three days prior to the arrival date, there after fully chargeable. Credit and Debit cards are still accepted. Where possible ‘contact less’ payments are requested for hotels spends. Staff are able to manually process credit or debit card payments. 

Guest PPE: UK Government strongly recommends all guests continue to wear face coverings in all communal areas within the hotel. All guests are requested to download the UK government track and trace app, if available, prior to arrival. All guests are requested to carry PPE such as personal hand sanitisers, face coverings and disposable gloves. There is a chemist just next to Crofton House Hotel, along with other chemists and stockists in the town centre, which are able to assist in providing PPE. Guests should ensure they wash hands for at least 20 seconds regularly.

Staff PPE: All staff have been trained and provided with PPE including hand sanitisers, face coverings and gloves. Strict hand washing is adhered to.

Prior to arrival: Each guest is requested to download the new 'NHS COVID-19 App' for use on arrival.

Your welcome at Crofton House: A reception screen remains in place. Guests are required to stand in a designated zone for check-in and for Covid-19 processes to be explained. All guests must have a temperature check upon arrival and scan the NHS QR code located at reception. We trust all will be well. However, any guest found to have a temperature of 37.8 and above, or displaying symptoms including a persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, the guest and their party will be required to move the booking to an alternative date or cancel the booking. All guests in the party will not be able to stay and will need to return home, report for a COVID-19 test and self-isolate. 

Keys: Sanitised room keys are left in rooms and suites.

Luggage: Staff are able to assist with luggage. The hotel industry advice is for guest to carry their own luggage where possible.

Hand sanitiser: All guests are to use hand sanitiser at all sanitiser locations in the hotel, including each time they entering the hotel building from any entrance and entering the dining room.

Breakfast and other meals: While we pride ourselves on consistently maintaining a “Food Hygiene” rating of ‘5’, in accordance with the UK government's recommendation and hotel industry requirements, tables are not laid with cutlery, crockery and condiments, and there is no self-service breakfast bar. All meals are staggered and dining times require pre-booking at reception at time of check in. A Continental breakfast is available to have as room service. For guests who wish to dine in the dining room, you are required to hand sanitise and wait outside the dining room to be seated. Once seated by staff, you will be provided with a tray of cutlery, crockery and condiments, with many of these items pre-wrapped or in sachets.  As there is no breakfast buffet, buffet items are available from the menu. Our ‘all day’ menu is available, though with restricted choice. Please do not ‘switch’ tables once seated or sit with guests outside your checked in group. Evening meals need to be pre-ordered no later than 5.30pm, last sitting is 7.30pm. We remain able to accommodate most dietary needs and ask you inform Crofton House Hotel of such needs prior to arrival. No food or drink are to be brought into the hotel from outside, these include ‘takeout’s’, food deliveries and alcohol.

The Crofton House Bar: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are still available and served by staff. Guests are requested not to sit with other guests outside of their checked in group.

Leisure facilities: In line with UK government and hotel industry guidance, all indoor and close proximity leisure facilities, which may be open, will need guests to book a 'time slots'. The booked leisure facility will then be for the sole use of your group. Guests are required to shower and change in their rooms or suites, using the gowns provided in your room or suite. Towels will be provided. Any Changes in UK government and hotel industry guidance may result in us not being able to open all leisure facilities. All board games, jigsaws and books have also had to be removed from use.  Although leaflets and maps are not on display, they are available on request from staff.

Room and Suite servicing: All rooms and suites are cleaned with the use of a ‘bio-mister’ on check-out and prior to arrival. In line with industry advice, like many other hotels, guests with a booking of seven nights or less will not have their room or suites serviced. Guests with a booking more than seven nights will have the rooms or suites serviced on the seventh day, including staff using the ‘Bio-mister’. Throughout your stay the usual complimentary beverage items and toiletries are available from staff on request, along with replacement bottled water. Towels will be changed on requesting. Fresh towels will be provided to your room or suite, with staff taking used towels away in a zip bag. Bins are to be left outside rooms and suites in the mornings for emptying. Items to refresh all en-suites are provided in all rooms and suites.

Toilets: Hotel toilets remain closed and guests are required to use the facilities within their rooms and suites. Guests are required to wash hands for a minimum of twenty seconds.

All laundry : Laundry at Crofton House Hotel is cleaned ‘in house’ using additional industry approved anti-bacterial detergents, ensuring a consistent high quality of cleanliness while removing social contact with unknown laundry staff from laundry companies.

Public areas: When moving around Crofton House Hotel, Guests are reminded to keep a social distance of ‘one meter plus' with those outside their checked in group, taking note of any additional signs. Hand sanitiser is available around the Hotel for your use. Avoid crossing with others on the stairs and corridors. Staff regularly sanitise door handles, banisters and handrails, along with general surfaces around Crofton House Hotel.

Non-resident guests: We are usually more than happy for you to meet and entertain non-resident guests at Crofton House Hotel. However, during these unpredictable times only resident guests are permitted in the hotel and gardens.

In the unlikely event...: If a guest develops any signs or symptoms - including a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell - while staying at Crofton House Hotel, the guest must inform the hotel staff immediately. The affected guest and their party must remain in their room or suite until they are able to leave safely and return home. Guests will be required to adhere with test and trace formalities, along with any other required processes. Any request for an extended stay would need to be discussed and assessed with senior hotel staff with the guest covering any additional cost of such a stay.

On your departure: Please ensure bills are settled the evening before leaving, using ‘contact-less’ payments where possible. A receipt for all payments at Crofton House Hotel can be issued to guests on request, preferably by email. On the day of departure, please leave windows, cupboards, draws, en-suites and shower doors open. Keys are to be left on a surface in the room or suite and the door to be pulled shut; not locked.  Staff are able to assist with luggage, though the hotel industry advice is for guest to carry their own luggage where possible. In the unlikely event you are affected by COVID-19 within fourteen days of your departure, you are required to follow the ‘test and trace’ process and inform us at Crofton House Hotel.

We are here to respond to any concerns you may have. Please feel able to call us on 01803 213121 Or you can  e-mail us at 

While this information is not an exhaustive list and can be amended at any time without notice, we trust we have provided you with enough information about your time with us at Crofton House Hotel to have a reassured stay and be “COVID SECURE”.